Friday, 22 August 2014

VoIP product providers for different business.

Adore InfoTech provides Unified Communication System by Sip Trunking for best audio and

video with VoIP phone. Adore Unified Communication support both wired and wireless network. This

System Includes:

1-SIP Server: SIP Registrar, SIP Proxy , Video , IM and Presence Server

2-Media Server : Voice Services, IVR & Conferencing

3-VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface

4-Calling Card System.

5-Windows PC Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)

6-MAC PC Communicator( Voice & Video)

7-Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)

8-iPhone Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)

9-Windows Phone Communicator (Voice & Video)

10-BlackBerry Communicator (Voice & IM).

With the significant boom in VoIP communication technology, the business owners massively turn

towards the VoIP business. The reason behind popularity of VoIP business is being its high revenue

generator at very low investment cost. To make VoIP Phone System more flexible and inexpensive

business, the Adore Infotech has made all the required VoIP software available at one place in one

package called “Adore All in One System”. All the VoIP products of this VoIP Phone System are well

known for its reliability and efficiency.

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Softphone for Windows , VoIP Softphon,Free SIP Softphone, Mac SIP Softphone, Best SIP Softphone,

Linux SIP Softphone,SIP Software.

SIP Softswitch and Softswitch for VoIP Billing and Calling card. Adore Softswitch software include whole

sale and retail VoIP . Softswitch is based on SIP.

You can get plenty of Free Mobile Dialer software which can be use for making a call from a mobile

device but before installing such Mobile Dialer Software on a mobile one must has to be aware that

whether it is compatible with the operating system of the preferred mobile device. Mobile Dialers are

made for a particular mobile OS. So one must have to see the specification of a Mobile Dialer to ensure

if it supports the particular mobile phone OS or not.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

PHILIPS W6610 5300 mAh Battery ! A smart phone with best battery is launched

Smart phone had many thing which drain battery and leaving those thing behind does not give feel of smart phone. Running apps all the time (like Whatsapp, Facebook and weather services), HD display and many more cause battery to die. So anticipation of user were battery to invent to next level and PHILIPS did it. It launched PHILIPSW6610 with 5300 mAh battery which best till date.
Bigger battery strength make phone thicker compare to its competitor but you can enjoy Standby time: 1604 hrs (WCDMA+GSM) and Talk time: 33 hrs (WCDMA). PHILIPSW66 run on android version Jelly Bean (4.2) and PHILIPS does not reveal about up gradation weather they are going to update to latest version or not. It will cost around Rs.20,262.00 or $340 (Approx).

PHILIPSW66 launched with 1 GB RAM, 1.3 GHZ quad core processor. The smartphone packs a 5-inch display with qHD resolution (960 x 540) 4GB of internal memory, microSD support, dual SIM support and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.